One goal of MOOxMOO is to alleviate the squeeze pressure upon
breeders and SMEs – a sympathetic cohort within the oft brutal
meat commodity business – by enhancing profitability and
stability for upstream and downstream participants via Blockchain
and SoulBound Tokens



Executive Summary

Meat Supply Chain Digitalization

Rising Korean per capita incomes and relaxation of onerous import duties specifically with the US has enabled the population to consume more and higher value proteins. Yet despite the cutting-edge modernization of Korean industry in hi-tech fields, agricultural supply chains remain rooted in traditional frameworks, and inefficient business practices amongst producers and distributors continue to embed extraneous middleman costs into products which are passed on to the final consumer.

MOOxMOO is the first step towards a transparent and digitally accessible meat marketplace that provides substantial cost benefits for Breeders, SMEs and Consumers. Blockchain and Smart Contracts in general offer diverse benefits, ranging from increased liquidity, flexible working capital possibilities, faster transaction settlement times and increased security. Furthermore, fraud and counterparty risk is eliminated as MOOxMOO serves as fiduciary and each supply chain participant is carefully vetted before being allowed to transact.

Business Transformation

MOOxMOO Foundation leverages legacy meat Production, Marketing and Distribution constituents with successful operating histories in Korea.

With the advent and broader adoption of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies over the past decade, the MOOxMOO Foundation will pursue the optimization of Korea’s inefficient middleman congested livestock & poultry industry.

The net result will be an improved pricing environment for Breeders and SMEs as well as margin enhancement through the value chain.

  • STEP 01.
    MOOxDEAL© Shopping (B2C) with SBT Enhancers – Beta Commenced Feb 2022
  • STEP 02.
    Token-based Working Capital Booster (B2B) – Coming 4Q 2023
  • STEP 03.
    MOOxMOO Platform, Full-Service Solution (B2B, B2C, P2P) – Coming 2024

Korean Livestock & Poultry Market Opportunity

Domestic Supply Chain Characteristics

As with agriculture and fisheries overall, the Korean domestic cattle breeding and meat packing industry is highly regulated to both promote the commercial prospects of industry participants – especially breeders – as well as to provide consumer health assurances. A sample of regulatory oversight is encapsulated in the following traceability diagram.

Domestic Supply Chain Characteristics
Current Supply Chain Inefficiencies vs MOOxMOO
General Livestock Distribution Flow
(Middleman Mania)
General Livestock Distribution Flow
MOOxMOO Distribution Flow
(B2B P2P B2C)
MOOxMOO  Distribution Flow
MOOxMOO – Full-Service Solution Provider

Our MOOxMOO platform – serving as a Sourcing Agent, Processor, Market Maker, Sales Platform, Settlement & Clearing Administrator and Fulfilment Agent for the meat industry and retail consumers – is imbued with the innate benefits of the blockchain and smart contract paradigm, coupled with commercially practical and attractive functionality.

Source & ProcessEnhanced Quality Assurance
TradeTransparent Price Discovery
Clearing & SettlementReduced Cost Burden
FulfilmentDelivery FOB or To The Home
Working Capital BoostTrade Finance & Security Deposit System
Group Buying at Wholesale – SaaS
Group Buying

On MOOxMOO, we will enable the retail consumer to collectively buy bulk meat nearly at wholesale prices, which can be shared amongst family and friends. Notably, MOOxMOO handles butchering for retail buyers –SaaS: “Slice as a Service”–

Schrödinger's Cow

MOOxMOO SBTs are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in script and essence as they are smart contracts linked to a specific underlying sales transaction. However, a MOOxMOO SBT also reveals its dual nature as a fungible token – a contractual obligor can supply any meat product meeting the smart contract’s specifications within a delivery period. The dual nature of MOOxMOO SBTs will enable the sophisticated meat obligor to arbitrage and fulfil delivery by accessing other platform smart contracts or by substitution by sourcing from an external spot meat market. A noteworthy distinction, however, is that while the fate of Schrödinger's Cat remains a mystery, we are certain that the Cow is dead

Schrödinger's Cow


Our MOOxMOO blockchain platform will embed wholesale & retail transaction and specification information to smart contracts, which will become immune to forgery once minted into immutable and non-transferrable SoulBound Tokens.



Token Summary
Type ERC-20
Ticker MOOX
Total Issuance 1 Billion

MOOX Distribution Plan

Allocation % Amount
Ecosystem 50 500,000,000
Token Sale 30 300,000,000
Marketing 10 100,000,000
Team & Adviser 10 100,000,000
TOTAL 100 1,000,000,000
Token Sale -- Breakdown % Amount
R&D 30 90,000,000
Marketing 30 90,000,000
Operations 30 90,000,000
Other Expenses 10 30,000,000
TOTAL 100 300,000,000
Allocation Vesting
Ecosystem 2% / mth over 50 mths, from Month +6 post ICO
Token Sale 50% at ICO; 50% at Month +10 post ICO
Marketing 5% / mth for 20 months, from Month +6 post ICO
Team & Adviser 5% / mth for 20 months, from Month +6 post ICO


  • 2023

    Evaluate MOOxDEAL (B2C) 14-month Beta Performance (February 2022 to April 2023)

    Prepare Full Service MOOxMOO Platform Design

    Pre-Development Planning


    Develop b2b supply chain backend infrastructure

    Develop supply contribution web-service with smart contract

    Design SBT smart contract


    Develop b2c supply chain backend infrastructure

    Develop supply contribution web-service with smart contract

    Develop SBT smart contract

  • 2024

    Develop b2b web service with each backend infrastructure

    Develop b2c web service with each backend infrastructure


    Expansion of Enterprise Use of Platform Systems


    Develop web3 supply service

    Development of a Wallet Manageable Dashboard

    Explore Expansion Opportunities:

    • Horizontal (product genre)
    • Vertical (upstream breeding / downstream eateries)
    • Expanding business area



  • CEO/CFOLee Chungsang
    Working Capital & Risk Management
    30 years’ financial management experience
    • University of Seoul, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration
    • Shinhan Bank; Audit Dept., Branch Manager, Marketing Dept., ICT HQ
  • CTOWoo Seunghun
    Tech Development
    20 years of experience as an expert in IT platform development
    • Incheon National University, Bachelor of Electronic and Computer Engineering
    • Chief Engineer of, an AI specialized company
  • CMOKim Jongmin
    Platform Operations & Marketing
    A meat distribution exper with 10 years’ experience
    • Hapdong Theological Seminary, Masters of Divinity
    • Konkuk University, Bachelor’s degree, in English linguistics
    • Sales Manager, Modu Corp
    • Team Manager, AI smart database solution team, VOICEIN Corp


Cornerstone Partners
Partners & Customers
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